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Our Story

The story behind the bar

Opened in December 2019 by us (Loic and Alexandra), Santé is named for a French toast to your health, a French version of ‘cheers’. When we dreamed of opening our bar, we wanted it to be a place that provided warm and welcoming hospitality, that felt like a bar filled with your friends, even if you knew no-one. Santé has become just that.

Trained as a chef, Loic made a move into bar work and has worked in bars in France, London and Australia. With Santé, Loic is combining his passion for spirits and love of creating flavour combinations that we hope have our customers returning time and again.

Although Alex is newer to cocktails, her love for them runs just as deep. She works side by side with Loic to create the unique flavour combinations and drinks you’ll find on the Santé menu. After training in London, Alex returned home to Australia with Loic in tow and a shared dream of opening a bar that combined warm hospitality and an exciting menu. Toowoomba and the little laneway of Duggan Street became their home and where Santé was born.

Santé is now everything we dreamed it would be – a place to meet, to relax and to drink something beautiful with friends old and new.


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