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 By Santé Cocktail Bar 

Experience the best of Santé Cocktail Bar with our range of kegged and prebatched sodas and cocktails, garnishes, juices and syrups. Perfect to stock behind the bar and take your cocktail game to the next level, to celebrate special events in style or for your own enjoyment at home. 

The Allons-y products include: ​

Whether you're after the perfect touches for your cocktails or a completely customised drink, Allons-y allows you to enjoy the quality of a Santé drink at your bar, home or event.

Please note that due to liquor licensing regulations in Queensland we are not able to provide alcohol. All alcohol must be provided by the client and we will supply the non-alcoholic base, equipment and professional services to mix and prepare the batch. 

Our Products

Garnishes, Juices & Syrups

Put the finishing touches on your cocktails and drinks with our range of garnishes, dried fruit, juices and syrups.  



Our range of dried fruit and other garnishes is available all year round. Our products include Candied Ginger and Citrus Powder, as well as a variety of dried fruit.

Download a full list of prices and products below. 


Our juices are made from fresh fruit, using the husk, peels and skins for a completely waste-free product. Delivered in vacuum-sealed bags, our range of fresh, clarified juices are created on demand. Flavours include banana, strawberry and watermelon, with additional flavours dependent on seasonal availability.


Download a full list of prices and juices below. 


Ideal for your coffees and base cocktail creation, our syrups are available in 500 ml glass bottles or 1 L squeeze bottles, with refills delivered in vacuum-sealed bags. Our flavours change with the seasons, so check with us for what is in season right now. 

Download our list of syrups and prices below or contact us about a custom syrup tailored to your specific needs. 

Bulk orders of garnishes (above 500 g) must be placed 7 days in advance.

Contact us for any commercial enquiries.

Old Fashioned[73] copy.jpg
Garnishes, Juices and Syrups

Prebatched Cocktails

From a classic Gin Martini to a Daiquiri or Margarita, we offer a range of prebatched classics and other cocktails to be enjoyed in your home or at your next event, or served in your bar. 


Products in our Classic Cocktail range are predominantly made of alcohol, which means they will last forever. Batched in 700 ml bottles, vacuum-sealed bags or individual serves, all you have to do is chill and pour. 


Most of the ingredients must be supplied by the customer and we will adjust the sweetness and dilution for the whole batch for a labour fee. Examples include:

  • Old Fashioned

  • Negroni 

  • Gin Martini. 


Download a complete list of classics and their prices below.

Other cocktails are also available prebatched but will not have the same shelf life as our Classic range. These are a great option if you're after a custom cocktail for an event where you know how many you will need, as these drinks will keep for 7 to 10 days while still in vacuum-sealed bags and refrigerated, and for 2 days once opened. Examples include:

·      Cosmopolitan

·      Daiquiri

·      Zombie

·      Lychee Martini

·      Margarita.


We recommend that these drinks be batched as individual serves. Please note that the fee will vary depending on the custom cocktail we create for you.

Get in touch for more details. 

Contact us for any commercial enquiries.

Prebatched Cocktails

Kegged Cocktails

Fancy a custom cocktail for your next event or for your bar? Our kegged cocktails are an easy and effective way to serve a frothy and delicious cocktail. Try an espresso martini at your next occasion, served with nitrogen for a nice crema on top.

Options include: 

  • Espresso Martini

  • Salted Caramel Espresso 

  • Pornstar Martini 

  • Tiki Fruity. 


Download our full list of kegged cocktails below. Contact us to discuss tailoring something to your needs. 

Please note that a deposit on equipment will be required for any order of kegged cocktail. We will charge a set fee of $60 plus the cost of the mix (below), depending on what size keg you are after.

Contact us for any commercial enquiries.


Kegged Cocktails

Kegged Sodas

Fancy a custom soda? Our kegged sodas are perfect for providing a product with a difference at your bar or house party.

Available in 5 L, 10 L or 20 L, they're ideally served on ice for a non-alcoholic refreshment, or add a nip of your favourite spirit to make it boozy. We have a wide variety of flavours, including Orange Rosemary, Passion Vanilla and Berry Basil, or we can tailor a flavour to suit you and your guests. Download the complete list of flavours below.   

We supply all of the non-alcoholic goodies kegged up and ready to go. Please note that a deposit on equipment will be required for any order of kegged soda. 

Contact us to discuss tailoring something to your needs. 

Contact us for any commercial enquiries.

Kegged Soda

Kegged Spritzes

Our kegged spritzes are available in two delicious categories – the Classic Spritz range and the Signature Spritz range. 

Our Classic Spritz range is based on the customer supplying the ingredients, while we mix and perform any sweetness adjustment and dilution needed to create a delicious drink for you. Our Classic Spritz options include: ​

  • Aperol Spritz 

  • Elderflower Spritz 

  • Limoncello Spritz 

  • Campari Spritz. 


Our Signature Spritz range begins with a fruity base added to the mix to make the whole lot a little funkier. Alcohol supplied by the customer will be batched with our own carefully mixed fruit bases. Options include:

  • Passion Storm

  • Tropical Spritz

  • Watermelon Spritz.


Download our full list of flavours and pricing below.

A list of ingredients and quantities will be provided for you to supply for both of our spritz ranges. Please be advised that minimum quality requirements apply for alcohol supplied. 

Please note also that a deposit on equipment will be required for any order of kegged spritz. 

Contact us for any commercial enquiries.

Kegged Spritz

Slushy Mixes

Made fresh to order with no preservatives added, the Allons-y Slushy Mixes add something a little bit different to any event. The mixes are perfect for a 10L slushy machine, once you’ve added the alcohol. From frozen daiquiris to a St Tropez Frose, our selection of flavours are fruity and fun.


A 'how to' card will be supplied with the mix on delivery with the recommended quantity and type of alcohol for you to add.


Contact us for any commercial enquiries. 

Want to know more about what we can offer you? We'd love to hear from you!

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