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Flair & Flair Training

Do you need a little flair?

What is flair? Flair is when you throw things around in a really cool and confident way and, if everything goes to plan, nothing breaks!

We have to be honest, Alex can’t flair at all and more often than not stuff gets broken. Loic, on the other hand, is a flair bartender. Having honed his skills at Roadhouse, London, where the World Championships are held every year, he can flair with the best of them and loves teaching others how to embrace flair themselves.

We offer flair training for those keen to learn. Whatever your skill level, the insurance is approved. We also offer Flair Masterclasses for groups up to 12, which Loic runs and Alex attends (we try to keep her from breaking things).

Download our Flair Masterclass options here.


Whether you want to have flair at your next event, want to learn new skills or are already a flair bartender looking to practise, we can work a plan that suits you. We’re even happy to work one-on-one with you.

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